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     September 28th- Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team

    Abe Del Rio also known as Elusive1 in the Bigfoot community is the Founder and Director of the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team and host MN.B.R.T.. Abe has been doing Bigfoot field research and investigations for a little over 16 years Abe has yet to see a Bigfoot with his own two eyes but has had multiple encounters. Abe's interest in Bigfoot originated from childhood ' from the gorillas at Como Zoo in St. Paul Minnesota, he was just so fascinated scared and aw-struck by them and from growing up he would hear the occasional Bigfoot report or sighting coming through the news newspapers radio and by the time he was a young man they were still coming in and he thought to himself there has to be more to this there's something out there. He started the Minnesota Bigfoot research team in 2000 and  has been doing field research and investigations ever since. As of right now the Minnesota Bigfoot research team has eight members in Minnesota and two members in West Virginia, the Minnesota Bigfoot research team is a no-kill team and is armed with the equipment that can document in hopes of getting protection to protect the species of unknown primate.... BIGFOOT. Abe is known through out the bigfoot community, Helped authors with books and has been in multiple news papers through out Minnesota and the nation. Abe has been a number of radio shows and even wrapped up an episode of FINDING BIGFOOT in early July here in Minnesota.